A focus on every detail starting with the very structure.

Exactly as is needed when organising a memorable event, Van Clair manages to transform locations, rendering them unique and suited to the occasion through the fit-out. We take care of the lighting, the ideal way to handle the spaces, furnishings, design pieces, and bursts of colour (including with actual greenery).

Everyone has their own needs and every area – even the garden and hall – can become something totally different if considered in the right way.

Different seasons, different settings

It is also possible to set up certain areas (indoor or outdoor) following the seasonality. Depending on the time of year and the needs at hand, fittings can be used to enhance a showroom, an indoor area, a garden, a shop, a hotel or some other prestigious location.
This is all whilst sticking to a specific theme or style, using furnishings, unique objects, floral arrangements and light design.

Everything changes at Christmas

The décor par excellence is that for Christmas, ideal for companies of all sizes, as well as for private individuals (villas, castles, houses). We have unique solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. The theme helps – there are just so many ideas to choose from and we are not afraid to be daring.

Architectural fixtures

These are created by the Van Clair team to better organise and manage the spaces used for shows, temporary exhibitions and a whole host of other events. There are scenographies designed specifically for a particular performance, for an artistic installation with a focus on the lighting study that must always be suitable but never excessive.

Structural set-ups

A big space to subdivide? A functional structure for a fair?

We are able to set up the perfect environment through the use of furnishings, panelling and special structures such as gazebos and tents. This is the ideal solution for companies organising fairs or that need to rethink or restructure large spaces.