Van Clair 10th AnniversaryExperience

18th May 2019: our first 10 years!

We wanted to give our customers and partners not only a common event, but a real experience in the style VanClair.

BMC – Corporate Anniversary: ​​A refined dinner to celebrate a corporate partnership consolidated over the years: for a client in the jewelery sector we organized a refined dinner on board an elegant infinity pool in a suggestive location in Monferrato. The tones of gold and forest green were the common thread throughout the entire event, from the mise en place to the lounge furnishings, passing through the decoration of the celebratory dessert, served at the end of the dinner. To further seal the anniversary, the evening ended with the launch of a hundred balloons, a symbolic gesture wanted by the customer to celebrate the collaboration of two companies that have been in vogue for years.

Pedemonte – Corporate Event: A summer evening as the perfect setting for a night to remember: this is the summary of the event organized last June for a company in the luxury sector, which chose the wonderful setting of Principato di Lucedio to spend a carefree and sharing evening with your employees. A rich welcome aperitif was followed in the internal cloister of the location by an elegant but at the same time informal dinner, enhanced by the entertainment of an engaging live band, positioned on a stage mounted above an ancient fountain. To further enrich the whole, four dancers who pleasantly involved the guests with their dance.

Y3K – Ledwall: A communication plan entirely curated by us at Van Clair: in addition to the brand identity, website and social network management for Y3K, a company specializing in the rental of electric vehicles, in 2021 we also created for the company the graphics of the LED walls placed on the sidelines of the Moccagatta Stadium in Alessandria. A challenging project, created with the intention of communicating the services offered by our client in a simple but effective way.

BMC – Christmas dinner: An aperitif with live music combined with a placée dinner with signature entertainment: last December, to celebrate an important company anniversary, we organized a refined and engaging event in the evocative setting of the Principality of Lucedio. From the set-ups, among which an ultra-modern Christmas tree stands out, to the gadgets for the guests, passing through the graphics of the entire event, including the animated video walls created for the performance of very talented artists: Van Clair followed the whole planning from A to Z and the realization of the event, designed to celebrate the amazing successes of a large company.

Safilo Group – #CFSUNSETPARTY: The event we organized for the launch of the new Chiara Ferragni Brand eyewear collection was held in Sicily, in one of the most suggestive and glamorous locations on the island, the Verdura Resort – Rocco Forte Hotel , created in collaboration with Safilo Group. The guests of the event, about eighty including customers, journalists and influencers, were welcomed in a garden of palm trees entirely illuminated in pink, where, warmed by the warm light of the sunset, they were able to pose with the talent of millions of followers for a souvenir photo, in front of a glamorous and super pop plexiglass backdrop, customized especially for the occasion.

No where else: an exclusive corporate event in the frame of Borgo Egnazia- In one of the most exclusive locations in Italy, we have created a corporate event for the the new Marc Jacobs eyewear collection. A spectacular entertainment, featuring live music and a dance performance, was interspersed with the Gala Dinner dishes for a surprising and exciting result.

Cartier’s Glow Party – in an industrial-style location in Turin, we organised the end-of-year party for the famous French luxury brand. For the occasion, the client chose an unusual theme for a corporate event, that of “Fluro”. An ambitious lighting project, with hundreds of fluorescent items and many other entertaining activities allowed us to fulfil the Company’s desire – to entertain and make the guests feel good.

Mi.Va’s 30th Anniversary – pride, emotion, surprise, joy, love … these are just some of the thrills experienced by guests who attended the event planned for the 30th Anniversary of this momentous Italian company. The golden candles, the lights, entertainment and impressive cake forged the setting for this evening dedicated to employees, customers and especially the owners. An indelible memory for sure!

Art Cosmetics: end-of-year party – we organised this event with a special focus on entertainment set to amaze guests, from the aperitif to the end of the evening. The long-awaited lottery, photo booth and DJ set created additional engagement and fun.

Saclà Christmas Dinner – Saclà celebrates 80 years of history. From the reception to the open bar, every moment came as a delight, with itinerant singers and dancers, the dessert designed specifically for the occasion, the lights and the custom set-ups. All was embellished by the evocative Nutcracker Christmas decorations.

Alessandria Calcio’s Christmas Dinner – a fun evening in full Van Clair style organised at the Castello di Lajone for the Alexandria Calcio Christmas Dinner.

A private event at a Castello – the choice of lighting, colours and flowers ensured the atmosphere was warm and charming. Guests were amazed by the impressive imperial table set for the dinner. A private party for a special birthday: a few guests, family and close friends to celebrate an important occasion.

Art Cosmetics: the inauguration of the new establishment – for this event, we took care of every detail from the welcoming, logistics, ribbon-cutting and thrilling cake-cutting, to conclude with classic fireworks that are a must for such occasions

The Golden Party – this year’s classic Guala Dispensing summer party for employees was held at the Castello di Lajone. The golden details and waterfalls of light in the centuries-old park formed the setting for this fun and music-filled event.

Time Lapse – Van Clair 10th Anniversary – The stables of the castle of Lajone were transformed on the occasion of the event of our tenth anniversary.

Van Clair, 10 years from “V” to “R” – V like “viaggio”, which means “travel” in Italian. V like Valenza. V like vision. A journey conceived around a vision, which started 10 years ago from Valenza.

Van Clair 10th Anniversary – 18th May 2019, Van Clair celebrates its tenth birthday. All our services in 60 seconds.

Happy Birthday Luca! –A special birthday for Van Clair, an intimate evening full of emotion. A surprise party with two extraordinary voices in an exclusive location steeped in art and history.

Time Lapse – Cartier Christmas Circus Party – A company event for Cartier; the theme chosen by the client was the circus. Therefore, everything was studied following this particular style, from the aperitif to the big cake.

Private Event– 50th Birthday – Private dinner in a farmhouse for a special birthday. We organized the special guest’s 50th birthday in a private house in the hills of the Monferrato.

Cartier, Christmas Circus Party! – Christmas company event for Cartier. The theme chosen by the client was the circus. Therefore, everything was studied following this particular style, from the aperitif to the big cake.

Greenery Party – We chose a castle for a company summer party dedicated to the greenery style, very accurate in each detail: from the setting up to the menu, then decorations, lights, gifts.
Everything is intentionally reminiscent of nature and its shades.

The inauguration of a historical stadium – Games of light, projections, music and the tale of this structure rebuilt between images and powerful evocations: the inauguration of the Moccagatta Stadium in Alessandria was a real show dedicated to the city and its supporters.

Floral wedding in the hills –VanClair organized an elegant and refined setting up for the wedding in a private house in the hills of the Monferrato.

Entertainment: a journey between magic and emotion – – From the announcements to the cake, the floral theme enveloped the entire event with shapes and colours, giving space to an involving and emotional artisitic entertainment.

Tensile-Emotion – The tensile structure: from the structure to the emotion. From its preliminary stages till the final event, which took place in a re-created and previously inexistent place.

Saclà – Christmas company party – – Starting from a storehouse full of pallets, means of work and other materials, we managed to give life to a special event. We could organize different settings by using what there was inside the factory. The walls made of pallets were lighted; the games of light involved the whole hall.

Summer event – An old brick factory in the Turinese area was turned into the perfect location for this company summer event. Luminous fitting, vases, flowers and trees entirely made of paper acted as a backdrop to the entertainment, which was made spectacular by the use of animation and also by the choice to create a dance floor.

Christmas party at the Royal Palace – We organized a charming full-dress dinner at the Royal Palace Venaria, in order to celebrate the Christmas-feasts in a framework of lights, projections and liveried waiters; two imperial tables meant to sit 400 people were prepared and laid out in the middle of the Gallery of Diana.

Team building – BE A membeR – A moment was dedicated to the staff and the sponsors of the Alessandria football team; it was organized in an old farmhouse near Alessandria and then inside the Moccagatta Stadium. There, a match took place between the first “Grigi” football team and its sponsors. Everybody had some playful and useful time and, in its first stage, it was even enjoyed by an expert like Giuseppe Vercelli, who is the psychological area manager of the Juventus team.

Thirty years celebrated with our staff – The event dedicated to the company’s thirty-year anniversary and celebrated with our staff took place in a monumental complex near Alessandria. The big cake was made by the maître chocolatier Ernst Knam.
Buffet aperitif and dinner served by a gourmet catering; the employees received a surprise 3D copy. Guest star for the grand final: the comedian Andrea Pucci.

Private Event – 50th birthday – An event “in the feminine” to celebrate the landlady’s 50th birthday was organized in an art gallery in Milan. This location contains the most important works by street art’s exposers. A gourmet catering was chosen for the aperitif and for the dinner. The cake, with a big chocolate “50” on top of it, was made by Ernst Knam.