Virtual Events

Reach your audience

Communication doesn’t just stop when your audience can’t come to you in person. The solution is a digital event that gives everyone the chance to reach their audience by maintaining the standards of scenic impact to which we are accustomed. You can go well beyond mere webinars or streaming like some mundane video call.

What are Virtual Events?

A digital affair can not only maintain the visual standards of traditional events but also breaks down the time, cost and limits in its achievement. You can even use real sets positioned in alternative locations when the public is not physically present.

Where on-site presence is foreseen, the audience can be distributed throughout several rooms or divided into physically-present or remote groups in the different corporate locations, in the various offices or even at home. The use of virtual sets allows for the utmost scenographic customisation, permits the creation of extensive, refined and complex virtual environments in real spaces and at low cost. One or more presenters, moderators and speakers can be on-set, with others taking part remotely via audio, video and screen shared with the direction, so as to present any audience any images straight from their PC.

Directing the event can interface with the streaming and webinar platform that your company already adopts so as to simplify content distribution. Alternatively, we can provide a video player to be integrated on the company website. If that does not suffice, you can stream on social media pages.

Virtual Sets

In a virtual set, the environment in which your event takes place is virtualised. The screens, the scenery…everything around you is virtual.
The real environment around you will be a green screen, whilst that which the audience sees can instead be worthy of a plenary hall in the best convention centres. We offer a monitor service so you can see remotely-connected guests, your slides or videos.

Mixed Reality Sets

A mixed reality set is an advanced alternative to the entirely-virtual set. The physical absence of audiences does not always justify complete elimination of the actual set design.

Awkwardly stumbling onto a green screen can result in unrealistic steps, as if floating above a virtual floor. What’s more, not everyone is able to move about naturally in an environment that is decidedly different from the stages that a speaker is used to treading. Here, we have a real dais, a real big screen, seating and a podium – able to resolve a host of issues for hosts used to presentations but not accustomed to “posing” before a green screen that is more like a photographic set than a stage. This is all included within a broader virtual set design for a result that is richer and more natural.


The end result is achieved through the use of highly-professional technology.

Just because the event is held digitally – in some cases even without the presence of a live audience – and that the set can be partially or fully virtualised does not mean we handle the production any differently. Indeed, we maintain the standards to which our clients have grown accustomed. With professional cameras, presentation switchers, media servers and so on, our directing has not been entirely virtualised, seeing that the hardware used is the same as always to guarantee the scalability, reliability and quality of the work we produce.